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Idriss Abakar’s Success Story with BOFSI/ADRA Chad

Mr. Idriss Abakar teaching at the Abroki public primary school

Training of Trainers faultless journey with BOFSI/ADRA Chad

Mr. IDRISS Abakar, a literacy trainer, is a one-armed person. He lives in Abroki village, at 7 Km far from Ati town, the main city for Batha region. He is 32-year-old, a father of 4 (2 girls and 2 boys). He left school in the middle of his third year of secondary school. Back to Abroki, his village of origin, he started the misery journey, and jobless, however, surviving with rudimentary agricultural means. In 2000, the community chose him as the water point Secretary in Abroki, as a voluntary worker. This worsened his economic status. Later on, BOFSI project identified him as a potential literacy and numeracy trainer (TOT).