Idriss Abakar’s Success Story with BOFSI/ADRA Chad

Mr. Idriss Abakar teaching at the Abroki public primary school

Training of Trainers faultless journey with BOFSI/ADRA Chad

Mr. IDRISS Abakar, a literacy trainer, is a one-armed person. He lives in Abroki village, at 7 Km far from Ati town, the main city for Batha region. He is 32-year-old, a father of 4 (2 girls and 2 boys). He left school in the middle of his third year of secondary school. Back to Abroki, his village of origin, he started the misery journey, and jobless, however, surviving with rudimentary agricultural means. In 2000, the community chose him as the water point Secretary in Abroki, as a voluntary worker. This worsened his economic status. Later on, BOFSI project identified him as a potential literacy and numeracy trainer (TOT).


Idriss Abakar, adult literacy and numeracy at Abroki village

He received a series of training facilitated by ADRA in collaboration with the Ministry of Education in the region. Idriss became a competent literacy trainer. Based on his competence, the General Education for Informal Learners office called him for a-two week training in N’Djamena, the capital city. During the academic year 2011-2012, his village community proposed him as a Community Teacher in the public school at Abroki. His acceptance of the new job was welcomed by the Ministry of Education based in Batha Region and his monthly pay is 30,000FCFA (equivalent US$ 60). His journey of success is marked by free voluntary works from water point Secretary, Adult literacy training in the BOFSI/ADRA Chad, and finally to a Community Teacher in public school and his name on a regular payroll with Government ministry of education. Hard work and optimizing at maximum level his talent, despite physical handicap, is paying him excellently.


Idriss witnessing to Rachel the change BOFSI/ADRA has made in his personal life and community as well

Mr. Idriss Abakar tells Rachel “I was with no job and physically handicapped. I looked a person with less value and importance in my community. Due to ADRA NGO through its BOFSI project with activities extending to my village, I was trained and retrained and I became an adult literacy trainer. With the experience I acquired from the BOFSI/ADRA Chad particularly in its Capacity building component, I now became a respected and important person in my community. I have double teaching role – training my parents in the adult literacy center and I also teach my young brother in the public primary school. The 30,000FCFA that I am paid every month contributes a lot in organizing my family and my own life. I am sincerely thankful to what BOFSI/ADRA did to me and my village